Love Music Productions eMag.

Love Music Productions, LLC eMag. ​​
A International content electronic magazine!

Topics include: Film Industry/Celebrities, Music/Artist's, Video Gaming and advertisments, Marine Biology

Men’s Zeitgeist eMag.
A Man's Ideological style, world of men's life as well as social life memes magazine!

Topics include: Career/Entrepreneurship
Sexual content (Grown Up's Only)
Men Toys/Men Caves
Social Life and Art

Weddings eMag: His & Hers Editorials

Special Editions Editorials eMag.

Love Music Productions eMag. pricing $97.99 for 12 volumes of the eletronic magazines for buyers chioce; most volumes can be sold separately for $8.17 unless specified at different pricing for purchases. All sales are final unless specified as customer service and/or technical support issues
All electronic magazine editorial content and copywrites are owned by
Love Music Productions, LLC

Love Music Productions eMag.